On Site Project Managers

Onsite Project Managers have a direct impact on the success of any project. This leads to a smooth and well run job site. Looking out for our customer is job number one, this means catching problems in pre-construction BEFORE they become massive change orders.

Breaking New Ground

We take product and system selection to a whole new level. Why? Because you are dealing with professional turf builders who are trained to build to suit the owners need, not sale a pre-packaged system. Our trademark proTIPS selection system works to specifically design systems based on your site costs, long term durability and sport specific facility demands. No site is the same, so why make all systems the same?

World Class Installation Teams

The best technicians get squeezed out of a low bid world, but have found a home with Turf United. Our Turf Force crews have year around work while temporary “summer” crews move on to other jobs. This allows our work force to stay focused on building and maintaining great fields year around.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Turf United is your connection to the finest products and service organizations in the turf world. Our certified vendor program is designed to work within manufacturer exclusive territories, so you can have the builder you want and the turf system you desire. When great products meet great project management teams, it will free you up to move on to other work. How much is your time worth?