E Pluribus Unum

Out of One, Many. As our nation’s unifying motto, it also exemplifies the formation of Turf Builders United. Independent Turf Builders coming together as one. The best builders under one brand to hold each other accountable and represent facility owners best interest. When you see the Turf United crest you know you are working with the nation’s finest.

We Pledge…

We will support and defend best practices in turf field construction. We will protect players with the safest turf systems and serve facility owners with a “one field” at a time mentality.

  • Allegiance to facility owners
  • Onsite Accountability
  • Contract Integrity
  • Lifetime Service

Team Approach Wins on the Feild

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a team to build a great field. We believe in promoting the whole team that unites on each individual project to make a great field. There is always at least 8 moving parts going on behind the scenes and someone running point to make the process painless for the owner. The sample below is the Team PK1 that built Clemson University’s Indoor football field.

Clemson University Project

General Contractor/CM @ Risk- Sherman Construction®

Turf United Project Manager – Darby McCamy

PROJECT TEAM  #PK1                                        

Facilities Contact- Robert Ricketts
Design Firm –Infinity Architects®
Architect-Yann Cowart
Base Builder -Precision Turf ®/ Eric Holland
Turf Installer –Kalmia Inc/Warren Coppedge


Turf Manufacturer- Sporturf®
Rubber Infill- Liberty Tire®
Sand Infill- Unimin®
Crushed Aggregate- Vulcan®
Drainage/Pad- Hydraway®

Artificial Turf : Born In the USA

It all started with a simple mission in the 1960’s, The Ford Foundation sought ways to improve physical fitness in young people. Monsanto and the Houston Astros would soon take “mission” control and Astroturf® was born. It took over 30 years for the next generation rubber and sand infill Fieldturf® to really take off in the early ‘90s. Safety and affordability was the key to this new turf revolution and the industry has grown from a $50,000,000 a year industry to over a Billion worldwide. A story born only in America!

  • 1966

    Monsanto installed a artificial turf called Chemgrass in the Houston Astrodome.

  • 1970's - 80's

    Dalton GA, the Turf Capital of the World with Grass Tex Inc, Astroturf and Challenger Industries calling North Georgia home still to this day.

  • 1990's

    Jean Prevost and SynTenniCo would change the game forever by adding rubber infill to golf driving mat.

  • 2000's

    The Turf Wars begin, Astroturf® and Fieldturf® could not grow fast enough and this spurred specialty contractor brands.

  • 2010's

    Market consolidation takes hold as large multi-national companies Shaw Industries® and Tarkett® buy Sportexe® and Fieldturf® respectively.