Best Practices = Performance

Performance starts with utilizing industry best practices for construction. Turf United follows strict guidelines laid out by the STC and ASBA. The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) Field Manual is our constitution and foundation of every field.

Best Practices = Safety

A safe construction site starts with the handling of materials. We inhale, touch and even taste every field. We trust turf and infill materials so much we put our kids on it. We then turn our focus on a creating “level” playing field. Creating a soft but firm synthetic surface is an art form and our builders are Picassos.

Best Practices = Innovation

Innovation starts in the field and getting our hands dirty is our lab. Nobody knows synthetic turf surfacing more than those that have their nose in it. Our Founders and partners have the ability to take what they see in the field and create amazing turf systems in the mill. Our trademark proTIPS truly comes from the minds of Professionals.

The everlasting beauty and playability of synthetic turf is not without its detractors. Namely big pesticide and fertilizer companies. Please see industry links below and get to understand the facts. There have been hundreds of studies worldwide, from New Zealand to Italy. Synthetic Turf provides a safe and fun place for yourself and your children. We understand if you are still skeptical and provide many alternative systems to meet your needs.

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